I've authored 17 books on various multimedia topics such as 3D software, Photoshop, photography composition, and digital directing. Published in six languages.
Telling stories, either through words or pictures has been in my blood since I was in grade school. Today, I continue to look at the world differently. Every once in a while some of that work gets noticed. Here, an image I shot while teaching a workshop was published in a national photography annual called "One Life."
Other work ended up in Professional Photographer magazine on more than one occasion. The exciting part is that I was able to not only share my work, but write a tutorial on the creation process.
In conjunction with writing books, leading content development projects, I had the opportunity to serve as Editor-In-Chief of Keyframe Magazine. During my two years editing this graphics magazine, I helped the publisher transition from print, to a new brand (HDRI 3D), and to a digital publication.
I also wrote occasionally for MacWorld, for both print and online publications. My assignments were to test, use, and review various software and hardware for multimedia.
As a subject matter expert on emerging technology, I've been a regular guest on TWIP, or This Week in Photography -- a widely popular web podcast. This digital web-based program discusses photography, technology, web, digital, software, and more. 
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