A large portion of my career encompassed 3D modeling and animation. Starting out in television and video production, I leaned into 3D before most people knew what it was. Quite honestly, the first 3D work I saw was a short in the late 1980's by an unknown start-up called Pixar. The short animation was called "Tin Toy" which evolved into the movie Toy Story. It's hard to describe to someone today, but when my co-workers and I saw Tin Toy, we had no idea what we were looking at. We knew it was animated, but had never seen this depth, lighting, shadows or realism in something that wasn't practical film or video.
In 1994 after 5 years in television production, I took the leap and started a small 3D animation business in my apartment in Chicago. Some of my first clients were Bosch automotive and Sears. I created animated logos and products for corporate videos. By 1997, the business was incorporated, I had published my first book, and had a full time studio partnered with an advertising agency and video production company. 
The next 20 years were a ride, with an explosion of 3D work across all mediums -- from simple corporate videos, to television programs, and augmented reality work. Some highlights from these years:
• Created all on-board safety animations for United Airlines flights
• Taught 3D modeling at NASA Jet Propulsion Labs and NASA Kennedy Space Center
• Led a 60 person team creating the very first 3D animated program for Fox - "Night of the Headless Horseman."
• Created on-going brand videos with experimental 3D for NASA Ames Research
• Led yearly workshops at Hallmark Headquarters for emerging 3D and 3D print
• Built an online eCommerce training library in 2003 focusing on 3D content
And much more. Today, 3D and augmented reality is everywhere, from games, VR headsets and simple apps on our phones. 

I still work with 3D technology and keep up to speed on the latest software and trends, and as software and systems become stronger and faster, I look forward to what's next. 
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